CST is coming... Are you ready?

Coming to a workstation near you

Computer upgrades starting this summer will ready VCH-Vancouver sites for CST go-live in 2020.

Clinical & Systems Transformation — CST — is coming to VCH-Vancouver in mid-2020.

Preparations are well underway, including plans for upgrading VCH computers. Known as Future Workspace, this project will benefit all VCH-Vancouver computer users, including future CST users at Vancouver acute, ambulatory, inpatient mental health and VCH-owned and operated long-term care sites.

Upgrades swap old for new

Future Workspace will upgrade computers on a replacement-only basis.

If you work with a VCH-issued desktop or laptop computer, you can look forward to working with a new and improved version installed with the most up-to-date Windows 10 operating system and updated versions of any authorized software required for your job.

Printers and scanners, as well as computers not issued by VCH, aren’t part of Future Workspace but will be addressed during the CST rollout.

Upgrades at VGH this summer

The scheduling of upgrades is aligned with significant initiatives — most notably CST — to avoid multiple projects affecting an area at the same time, and to ensure future CST users are equipped for VCH-Vancouver’s CST activation in mid-2020.

Computer upgrades will begin later this summer with the following teams at VGH:

  • Acute Medicine
  • Burns Trauma & High Acuity
  • Cardiac Ambulatory
  • General/Vascular Surgery
  • Pharmacy

“Every effort will be made to minimize clinical disruption,” says Joan Chocholik, project manager with Vancouver Acute. “Following this phase, upgrades will continue in phases across the VGH campus, UBC Hospital campus and at GF Strong.”

Ask for the Future Workspace Primary Point of Contact (PPC) at your VCH-Vancouver care location for details on upgrades where you work.

Between now and the completion of upgrades across VCH-Vancouver, Future Workspace will replace almost 6,000 workstations.

Learn more about Future Workspace

Use your VCH domain\username and password (just like logging into webmail) to access these resources:

Learn more about CST in VCH-Vancouver

Accessible anywhere you are – at VCH, on the go, or at your office or clinic – VCH-Vancouver’s CST website is your go-to resource for everything CST. To access outside the VCH network, log in with your domain\username and password (just like logging into VCH webmail).

Visit today: VCH-Vancouver CST website