CST is coming... Are you ready?

    Why you want to renew your ID badge

    For tap-and-go access to the CST clinical information system, you’ll need an active health authority ID badge

    Your active ID badge is your key to tapping in and out of a workstation on wheels and the CST clinical information system.

    When VCH-Vancouver activates the CST clinical information system in mid-2020, users can look forward to time-saving features like tap-and-go access to electronic patient records — but only if you have an active health authority ID badge.

    If you work at an acute, inpatient mental health or VCH owned-and-operated long-term care site in Vancouver, now’s the time to replace your expired or damaged ID badge.

    How to renew your ID badge

    If you haven’t renewed your photo ID within that last five years, or if your badge has expired, it’s time to renew. An ID badge that shows physical damage, including cracks and holes, needs replacement too. Look for the expiry date on the back of your badge. Older cards will have the expiry date printed on the front, just below the emergency response emblem.​​

    Here's how to renew your ID badge:

    1. Have a friend take your photo: Have a colleague take your photo with a phone or camera. Selfie photos aren't accepted. Follow the photo guidelines here​ for faster processing of your ID badge.
    2. Submit your eForm and photo: Complete the form found here using a VCH-owned computer and submit it with your best photo.

      If you don't have a VCH, PHC or PHSA ID badge, apply for one here using a VCH-owned computer.

      What does tap-and-go login look like?

      With your active ID badge, you'll be able to tap in and out of a computer and the CST clinical information system without re-entering your login password for up to 12 hours. Watch the following video to see how it works:

      Learn more
      Remember: You’ll need your VCH domain\username and password (just like logging into webmail) to access these online resources.

      Access and photo ID (Fraser Health intranet)

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