VA/VC Physician Wellness Steering Committee

VCH is working with VPSA members to assess their levels of wellness and burnout as well as to identify the causes of burnout, why it exists, and to develop collaborative solutions. VPSA physicians on this committee attend meetings and provide valuable insights to shape the project. They collaborate on the project’s design and implementation.

Sessional funding is provided to committee members. Click here for this committee's terms of reference.

Committee Members

Dr. Fahreen Dossa, Co-chair

Dr. Lucy Lyons, Co-chair

Dr. Zafrina Poonja, Co-chair

Dr. Chad Kim Sing

Dr. Eliza Chan

Dr. Derek Chang

Dr. Andrea Grabovac

Dr. Julie Nguyen

Dr. Penny Tam

Dr. Andrea Townson

Dr. Rachel Vogler

Dr. Brenda Wagner

Dr. Lesley Wood