International Women's Day 2020

    VPSA celebrates the work of women physicians

    In anticipation of International Women’s Day 2020, the Vancouver Physician Staff Association canvassed members for the names of women physicians who have made extraordinary contributions to the workplace. We salute all our female members and invite you to read about the women who agreed to be profiled this year.

    Dr. Jacqueline Trudeau

        Dr. Trudeau is an anesthesiologist at Vancouver General and UBC hospitals.

        She moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg in 1997 to complete a PhD in immunology at BC Children’s Hospital. Seeing the profound difference that clinicians can make motivated her to pursue medicine. She now practices as an anesthesiologist with a special interest in transfusion medicine and quality improvement. Dr. Trudeau is involved with the liver transplant program and works closely with the transfusion medicine service to improve blood product provision and utilization. She is also passionate about advocating for making a career in medicine possible for moms and dads alike.

        Dr. Trudeau loves climbing, running and skiing in the mountains of B.C., especially with her husband and two children.

        What advice would you give to young women considering entering medicine in 2020? ​

        “Working in medicine is a very rewarding career. The complex working environments that we all work in are dynamic, and how they function should change over time in response to the needs of both patients and their caregivers. The health of both is equally important. When the system is not working for you or your patients, don’t be afraid to be a part of the solution that works toward change.”