IPU Implementation Focus Group

    The Division of General Surgery at Vancouver General Hospital has redesigned its surgical system for patient care into interdisciplinary and patient-centred integrated practice units (IPUs) in order to meet Vancouver Coastal Health’s goal to provide sustainable, compassionate, and value-based health care.

    Since the initiative was launched in 2020, VGH General Surgery has established and developed 13 IPUs, many of which have shown promise through preliminary research and quality improvement initiatives. The next phase of this plan, and the goal of this task group, is to implement change based on the metrics that have been identified as falling behind targets. This requires multidisciplinary engagement from physicians, allied health and administrators to develop infrastructure for change and to measure renewed outcomes.

    The task group has three objectives:

    1. Formalize the structure and multidisciplinary membership of the IPUs.
    2. Create actionable recommendations/deliverables for IPUs to pursue.
    3. Establish a process/SOP for IPUs to pursue quality improvement initiatives and practice changes in the future.

    Committee Members

    • Dr. Heather Stuart (Chair)
    • Dr. Jason Park
    • Dr. Andrea MacNeill
    • Dr. Trevor Hamilton
    • Dr. Andrew McFadden
    • Dr. Maja Segedi
    • Dr. Peter Kim
    • Dr. Stephanie Chartier-Plante
    • Dr. Graziano Oldani
    • Dr. Michael Bleszynski
    • Dr. Philip Dawe
    • Dr. Naisan Garraway
    • Dr. Emilie Joos
    • Dr. David Evans
    • Dr. Harvey Hawes

    Click here for this committee's terms of reference.