VPSA-funded project aims to improve perioperative cardiac risk evaluation and management for noncardiac surgery

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Over 200 million adults undergo noncardiac surgical procedures worldwide every year. Of these, more than 8 million people will suffer a major cardiac complication. In 2016, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society introduced new guidelines on perioperative cardiac risk assessment and management for patients who undergo inpatient noncardiac surgery. With funding from VPSA, a multidisciplinary team of VCH physicians has developed standardized order sets and protocols and to educate surgical staff on … Read More

Town hall shines light on Vancouver MSA’s advocacy role

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There was spirited discussion amongst the physicians who met April 23 for the joint VPSA/Vancouver CoC Medical, Dental & Allied Staff Association’s town hall. The hot topics: the Vancouver MSA’s role as an advocate; and the opportunity to participate in a VGH physician lounge “dotmocracy.” “As the association’s new president, I want to know what members want,” began Dr. Simon Rabkin. “We’re in this together; your MSA can work to … Read More