Priority 2 Progress Report - February 2023

Improve member physician engagement with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority leadership

    A. Increase opportunities for collaboration with VCH leadership

    • VPSA board and staff continue to meet monthly with VCH’s senior leadership team to seek improvements to enhance engagement.

    B. Leverage VMDAS and VPSA quarterly meetings for more engagement with HA leadership

    • Standing invitations are made to the Medical Advisory Committee Chair to provide updates, a rotation of updates from VCH senior medical directors and other leaders has been instituted.
    • VPSA updates will be provided at each quarterly meeting beginning in April 2023.

    C. Increase member input into health authority meeting topics and discussions

    • Monthly SLT meeting updates are now distributed to all members. These include a call to members to reach out if they have items they wish to be brought forward.

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