CST is coming... Are you ready?

This is exactly how you should prep for CST now

CST is coming to VCH-Vancouver in mid-2020. It’s time to prepare.

      Dr. James Kung at Lions Gate Hospital recommends physicians learn how to dictate with front-end speech recognition (FESR) early to ease their CST transition.

      VCH-Coastal's CST implementation reinforced the importance of preparing early. You can save yourself time and frustration later by taking these steps now:

      • Ensure your VCH ID badge hasn't expired. You'll need an active VCH ID badge for tap 'n' go login and logout of the CST Cerner system.
      • Ensure you have an active health authority network account. Your VCH or other health authority network account is required to access CST Cerner. If you don’t know your account, contact the Service Desk: servicedesk@vch.ca or 604 875-4334.
      • Prepare to forget. Everyone is bound to forget their password now and then. Sign up for our self-serve password reset tool by logging into your VCH network account and going to healthbc.org.
      • Ensure you've registered with the LearningHub. If you’re already registered with the LearningHub​, ensure you don’t have multiple profiles and that your single profile is up-to-date. This profile will be critical for you to complete online training in the future. For LHUB support, click here.
      • Complete FESR training. VCH-Vancouver providers working in our acute, ambulatory and inpatient mental health settings, are encouraged to complete Front-End Speech Recognition (FESR) training. The sooner you use the software, the sooner it will recognize your voice. Register through LHUBor contact Transcription Services: transcriptionalerts@vch.ca or 604 806-9696.

      Learn more about CST in VCH-Vancouver

      Accessible anywhere you are – at VCH, on the go, or at your office or clinic – VCH-Vancouver’s CST website is your go-to resource for everything CST. To access outside the VCH network, log in with your domain\username and password (just like logging into VCH webmail).

      Visit today: VCH-Vancouver CST website

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