CST is coming... Are you ready?

    Meet Laura Mc Evoy

    One year from today, where will you be?

    If you're working at an acute, inpatient mental health or VCH owned-and-operated long-term care site, you may be among the first physicians in VCH-Vancouver using the CST Cerner clinical information system.

    CST is coming to Vancouver in mid-2020, and the CST Vancouver team is growing to support all future Cerner users, including providers: physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists and dentists.

    Laura Mc Evoy is pictured with CST workstations on wheels in the new VGH Doctors Lounge located in the Sassafrass Cafeteria.

    That's where Laura Mc Evoy fits in.

    As CST Vancouver's new provider engagement specialist, Laura will work closely with Dr. Vinay Dhingra, CST physician lead, Dr. Dave Wilton, CST associate physician lead, and our 45 provider champions to ease the transition to electronic medical records for Vancouver providers.

    "I'm thrilled to be part of such an exciting project," says Laura. "CST will transform how we deliver care, enabling providers to spend less time on activities that don't add value and more time interacting with patients."

    Researchers will benefit too. 

    "CST will improve the availability of high-quality and readily accessible data for research," Laura explains.

    If Laura's friendly face looks familiar, that's because she began working in VCH-Vancouver in 2015, supporting Vancouver Acute (VA) operations directors. She's also supported Vivian Eliopoulos, vice-president of Vancouver-Richmond Acute, and provided oversight for the VA operations admin team.

    Learn more about CST in Vancouver

    Accessible anywhere you are - at VCH, on the go, or at your office or clinic - VCH-Vancouver's CST website is your go-to resource for everything CST. To access outside the VCH network, log in with your domain\username and password (just like logging into VCH webmail).

    Visit today: VCH-Vancouver CST website