International Women's Day 2022

    VPSA celebrates the work of women physicians

    International Women's Day is on March 8, 2022.  This is a day to celebrate the achievements of women.

    As part of International Women’s Day in 2022, the VCH  Physician Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is highlighting just a few of the thousands of incredible women who make up our medical staff. VCH leaders were asked to consider and nominate women who have made contributions to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion throughout their careers through clinical care, research, leadership and education.

    Dr. Susan Kuo

        Dr. Kuo has been a family doctor in Richmond since 1993, working in the city’s hospital as well as in long-term care. She has also taught the UBC family medicine 411/412 course since 2007 and mentored many students even after they finished the course.

        Since 1999, she has organized a journal club for doctors in Richmond and Vancouver with the purpose of medical education and physician camaraderie. During the pandemic the journal club went virtual but doubled in membership as it became more vital for physician wellness. With the spectre of physician burnout, it gave members a reprieve two to three times a month to set aside their worries and made them feel they were not alone.

        In 2015 Dr. Kuo began volunteering with the Point Grey Mini School to provide medical care for when students travel to Anvil Island and Manning Park where medical care is not readily accessible. She started the school mentorship program to invite parents to inspire students to pursue a career that would "set their brains on fire."

        During the pandemic Dr. Kuo also advocated for the health and safety of schools as well as for the residents and staff of long-term care facilities.


        “I broke the bias in three ways: being a woman in a male-dominated career; being Asian and therefore from a minority group in Canadian society; and finally being a quiet, essentially introverted, person in a world that values extroverts preferentially,” commented Dr. Kuo on the Breaking the Bias theme of International Women’s Day 2022.

        “Of course, many things have changed since I went to medical school and graduated from UBC in 1991. Women made up roughly 35 per cent of my class in medical school class but they now make up least 50 per cent or more in medical schools across Canada.”

        Photo credit: Dr. Cyrus McEachern