International Women's Day 2020

    VPSA celebrates the work of women physicians

    In anticipation of International Women’s Day 2020, the Vancouver Physician Staff Association canvassed members for the names of women physicians who have made extraordinary contributions to the workplace. We salute all our female members and invite you to read about the women who agreed to be profiled this year.

    Dr. Janine Hardial

        Dr. Hardial is a graduate of UBC’s Medical School and Family Medicine Program. She has always had an interest in maternity, women’s health, and marginalized populations. After graduation, she spent several years as a full-service family physician in rural communities and throughout the Lower Mainland. Dr. Hardial is currently the medical coordinator of the Sheway Clinic in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. She provides obstetrical, family, and addictions care at several sites including Sheway, the Perinatal Addiction Service, and the Fir Outpatient Clinic at BC Women's Hospital. She feels fortunate to be able to work in a profession that she loves, particularly being able to care for families during pregnancy and birth, which is the favourite part of her work life.

        Dr. Hardial loves to travel and spends as much time in the outdoors as possible.