The Substance Use Disorder Patient and Provider Experience Task Group's objective is to help empower and support Vancouver Acute and Vancouver Community staff to provide the best possible environment for care for patients with substance use disorder. To achieve this, the task group will:

  • Develop and support the implementation of practical strategies and initiatives through a collaborative multidisciplinary approach.
  • Develop a budget to support its mandate for consideration and approval by the VPSA board.

The group will meet monthly for one hour. Click here for the group's terms of reference.

We are recruiting members for this new task group. Please apply here.

Task group members

Dr. Adam Chodkiewicz (co-chair)

Dr. Jan Hajek (co-chair)

Dr. Jeffrey Freeman

Dr. Diane Fredrikson

Dr. Syma Khan

Dr. Laura Kuyper

Dr. Emilie Viens

Dr. Rebecca Zivanovic