The Collaboration & Advocacy Committee, which includes the Vancouver MSA president, represents medical staff priorities (such as the VGH physician lounge) and provides input on Vancouver Acute and VCH-wide policies and proposals affecting physician members. By engaging, communicating and interacting with medical staff across all sites and community, the team acts as an advocate for the medical staff. This includes:

  • Diplomacy, problem-solving and innovative thinking
  • Communication, advocacy and negotiation
  • Leadership and team building

Two-hour monthly commitment; sessional funding is provided.

Committee Members

Dr. Lynn Straatman, Chair

Andrew Pinfold, Initiative Manager

Dr. Marthe Charles

Dr. Derry Dance

Dr. Faisal Khosa

Dr. Robin Patyal

Dr. Simon Rabkin

Dr. Himat Vaghadia

Dr. Stephen van Gaal

Dr. Sophia Wong

Dr. Titus Wong

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