CST go-live at PHC: How we’re paying it forward

        Providence Health Care (PHC) is set to go live with CST on November 16 with a little help from their friends.

        VCH physicians are paying it forward as they support our PHC partners in making the switch from paper charts to the CST Cerner clinical information system and electronic patient records.

        “VCH physicians have really stepped up,” says Dr. Vinay Dhingra, CST physician lead for VCH-Vancouver. “We’re looking forward to learning from the experience and, in return for our help, we can also look forward to our PHC colleagues’ support when Vancouver activates CST in 2020.”

        Better together

        PHC’s CST go-live on November 16 includes St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH), Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (MSJ) and Holy Family Hospital, as well as their affiliated care homes. To support these sites, we’re lending a hand before, during and after go-live, including:

        • Peer mentors: A dozen VCH-Vancouver physicians have volunteered to serve as peer mentors at SPH, where they’re providing at-the-elbow clinical support to their PHC colleagues as they learn and use the new system and workflows for patient care.
        • Up-staffing: VCH physicians are also helping to up-staff PHC’s physician pool in anticipation of the temporary productivity reduction during the adjustment period after go-live.

        Exceptional care for everyone

        For up to three weeks after PHC’s go-live, VCH physicians will do their part to ensure exceptional care for everyone:

        • Emergency care: Richmond Hospital will accept a small volume of ambulances from the MSJ catchment area.
        • Referral care: VGH will accept referrals as needed from SPH for cardiac, renal and other high-acuity patient cases connected to regional programs.
        • Inpatient transfers: VCH will prioritize patient transfers from PHC, and the repatriation of PHC patients to SPH and MSJ will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
        • Community care: Vancouver community teams will ensure timely patient transitions from PHC hospitals to PHC community beds in Vancouver and timely patient access to services enabling return to home.

        For more on how we're supporting PHC during its initial adjustment period after CST go-live, speak with your division or department head.

        Better together: VCH-Vancouver physician and provider CST champions.

        Learn more about CST in Vancouver

        Read: CST Vancouver Provider Update (October 2019)

        Visit: VCH-Vancouver CST website*

        *Use your health authority network ID and password to access the VCH-Vancouver CST website anywhere you are.