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  • Being in the hospital, getting a test, and visiting your doctor are free, but in Canada prescription drug costs are not covered.
  • Medication affordability issues include cutting your pills, skipping doses, or not paying for food or bills in order to pay for your prescription medication.
  • In BC, the largest public drug coverage plan is Fair PharmaCare. In order to get coverage you have to sign up for this plan.
  • Fair PharmaCare uses a calculator to determine household incomes to calculate deductibles (out of pocket costs)


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Fair PharmaCare

To get more information on Fair PharmaCare:

To register for Fair PharmaCare:

Deductible Chart

Shows how much you need to pay out of pocket, based on income:

Deductible Calculator

Helps you calculate your deductible (out-of-pocket cost) using your tax information (if available):

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