Go for Coffee

Go for Coffee is funded by the Small Steps, Big Idea initiative. If you have an idea you think would qualify for funding, please review our application form.

Go for Coffee is an opportunity for front-line physicians to interact with VCH leaders in a casual setting, where learning about each other’s roles, interests, and struggles may lead to strengthened relationships and new ideas.

  1. If you have a VCH leader you are interested in meeting, email Sophia.Wong@vch.ca
  2. VPSA will arrange for a 30-minute meeting between you and the VCH leader.
  3. A $20 gift card for Café Ami or Starbucks will be provided to the VCH leader to purchase refreshments/snacks for the meetup.
  4. Meet and get to know each other! Share your roles, interests, and ideas.
  5. Fill out a short online survey after the meet-up and let us know how it went.

Pre-determined coffee times will also be made available for guest speakers from upcoming Breakfast with Leaders.