Behind the Mask

    Dr. Cyrus McEachern's COVID-19 photography project 

        In April 2020, physician and photographer Dr. Cyrus McEachern created Behind the Mask, portraits of his VGH anesthesiology colleagues. Ten of the 18 images will be selected by VPSA members for display in the hallway between ICU and the pre-operative care centre at VGH.

        Vote for your top 10 choices here.

        Dr. Amber Galbraith

        Dr. Andrea Brovender and son

        Dr. Cyndi Henderson

        Dr. Cyrus McEachern

        Dr. Henrik Huttunen

        Dr. Henrik Huttunen (this is the second photo of Dr. Huttunen and will not be considered as part of the poll)

        Dr. Himat Vaghadia

        Dr. Jacqueline Trudeau and family

        Dr. Jason Fridfinnson

        Dr. Jason Wilson and family

        Dr. John Veall and family

        Dr. Marcus Tholin

        Dr. Oliver Applegarth and family

        Dr. Peter Rose and family

        Dr. Sandy Kisilevsky

        Dr. Shruti Chitnis

        Dr. Steve Moore

        Dr. Terry Waters