VMDAS honours members who have made exceptional contributions to our community of care.

VCH Medical Staff Hall of Honour

The VCH Medical Staff Hall of Honour was established to recognize those whose exceptional leadership, clinical and academic service have profoundly benefited the residents of British Columbia and who, in so doing, have brought great distinction to VGH and its institutions.

Eligibility for the Hall of Honour includes service at a VGH/VCH-affiliated institution for a significant portion of a candidate’s career, retirement from VGH/VCH for a minimum of three years, and strong clinical contributions to VGH/VCH.

VMDAS asks department and division heads and medical directors for the names of proposed candidates.

VMDAS Annual Awards

Every year VMDAS hosts these awards. The winners are celebrated for their dedication and excellence in areas ranging from research and education to clinical practice and service.

VMDAS sends nomination information to department and division heads in January. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please contact your department or division head. The deadline for submissions is in April.

Please consider nominating a colleague who has made outstanding contributions in one of the following categories:

  • Bobby Miller Award for Excellence in Teaching (reflects local (not national) activities and previous teaching awards)
  • Clinical Excellence (reflects recognition as an excellent clinician in the local environment)
  • Scientific Achievement (evaluated on the usual criteria such as peer-reviewed grant support, number and impact factor of publications, number of first and last authored papers etc.)
  • Larry Collins Award for Committee Service (reflects committee activities in VCH)
  • Bringing Clinical Renown to Vancouver Community of Care (reflects innovative clinical programs that are recognized nationally and internationally)
  • Special Service (given for work that is unique and extends beyond the walls of the institution)
  • Excellence in Early Career (new in 2020)
  • Excellence in DEI (new in 2022)