HAMAC and VMAC explained

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What is HAMAC?

The Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC) is a legally required entity of the health authority as outlined in the VCH Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules​. 

HAMAC’s mandate is to ​​provide advice to the VCH board of directors and the CEO on:

  • The provision of medical care within the facilities and programs operated by VCH.
  • The monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of medical care provided within the facilities and programs operated by VCH.
  • The adequacy of medical staff resources across all medical staff professions: dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians. 
  • The continuing education of the members of the medical staff.
  • Planning goals for meeting the medical care needs of the population served by VCH.
  • Recommendations to the Board regarding all medical staff appointments.


HAMAC membership includes:

  • Area Medical Advisory Committee chairs
  • Medical Staff Association presidents (including the VPSA/VMDAS president)
  • VCH/PHC regional department heads
  • A rep from the Interdivisional Collaborative Services Committee
  • Regional Medical Director, Indigenous Health
  • Senior Medical Directors
  • VPs Medicine, Quality & Patient Safety, and Medical Affairs (PHC)
  • VP Public Health & Chief MHO
  • VP Professional Practice
  • VCH & PHC President and CEO
  • VP Research
  • UBC Vice Dean of Health Engagement

The VCH board of directors approves the appointment of the HAMAC chair(s) following a recommendation from the HAMAC. The chair holds a three-year term with the option to review for three consecutive terms thereafter.


HAMAC meets once per month; 10 times a year.

What is VMAC?

The Vancouver Medical Advisory Committee (VMAC) is one of three Area Medical Advisory Committees (AMACs) at VCH (the others are Richmond and Coastal). The AMACs are the senior medical administrative bodies for medical staff in each community of care. They function as HAMAC subcommittees and report to the HAMAC chair(s).

VMAC’s purpose is to provide advice to the chief operating officers and, through HAMAC, the VCH CEO and the board of directors on the quality of medical care provided within the facilities in Vancouver that are operated by VCH.

Areas of responsibility

  • Quality of care
  • Clinical privileges and appointments (e.g., department and division heads)
  • Professional and ethical conduct of medical staff
  • Discipline of medical staff
  • Medical staff resource planning
  • Medical education and research
  • Appointments of VMAC subcommittee chairs and helps set their direction
  • Proposed modifications to the Medical Staff Rules


VMAC non-voting membership includes a chair and past chair, a vice chair, Vancouver Acute (VA) and Vancouver Community (VC) senior medical directors, and the VA and VC chief operating officers. Voting members include the VMDAS/VPSA president, the medical leaders of the departments and programs/sites within VA and VC and the Professional Practice lead (nursing).

The chair and vice chair are selected on the recommendation of the committee members and are approved by committee vote. They are appointed for a two-year term.


VMAC meets once per month; 10 times a year. Input from VMDAS/VPSA members can be brought to the attention of the VMDAS/VPSA board or through your department/program head or site director.

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