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Dear all,

Happy New Year! I hope you have had the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate over the holidays.

In 2024, VPSA and VMDAS have exciting work planned, focused on the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, community building, CST, planetary health, Indigenous health, quality improvement, and wellness. There are many opportunities for improvement in our health-care system, and you, our members, are vital to that change. Recently formed in October 2023, the Substance Use Disorder Patient and Provider Experience Task Group, led by Drs. Jan Hajek, Adam Chodkiewicz, and Shane Arishenkoff, exemplifies how ideas can lead to action.

Ongoing work and upcoming opportunities

With your invaluable assistance and feedback, we are in the process of developing our 2024–2026 strategic plan through collaboration with our task groups and committees. Upholding our core pillars of “care, connect, and collaborate,” we are refining our vision and values, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

There are many opportunities to participate and get involved. The VA/VC Medical Staff Planetary Health Committee is challenging all our members to a more plant-based diet this month. Check out plant-based recipes our colleagues have contributed here or contribute one that you tried and enjoyed here. This month, there are also several equity, diversity, and inclusion events, including a men’s affinity group, a women’s affinity group, and an EDI journal club plus group.

Power in Unity

Personally, I have found involvement in VPSA/VMDAS a way to express creativity and innovation, while making meaningful connections with new friends and colleagues. A heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to making our workplaces in Vancouver Acute and Vancouver Community better. This year, we are hoping to hear from as many people as possible, as we know that diverse perspectives build better solutions.

When every member feels that their voice is heard and valued, we will know we have succeeded.


Ka Wai Cheung
President, VPSA/VMDAS

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