HAMAC and VMAC explained

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What is HAMAC? The Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC) is a legally required entity of the health authority as outlined in the VCH Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules​.  HAMAC’s mandate is to ​​provide advice to the VCH board of directors and the CEO on: Membership HAMAC membership includes: The VCH board of directors approves the appointment of the HAMAC chair(s) following a recommendation from the HAMAC. The chair holds a three-year term with … Read More

A continued focus on our next strategic plan: VCH leaders provide input

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VPSA/VMDAS board and staff meet regularly with VCH senior leaders to develop a collaborative relationship between medical staff and the health authority. The January meeting continued December’s focus on VPSA’s new strategic plan. There was also an update on the lactation project as well as on the ongoing work of our EPIC Task Group. Input into VPSA’s strategic plan Doctors of BC Engagement Partner Russell Stead led the discussion about … Read More

The benefits of a plant-based diet: A psychiatrist offers his point of view

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At the age of 18, Dr. Randall White read Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé. It was a life-changing book for him and he has been following a plant-based, whole foods diet ever since. He found the environmental and social justice reasons for being vegetarian outlined by Lappé compelling, as well as the health reasons. Dr. White also notes works by Michael Pollan, Dan Buettner’s Blue Zone … Read More

President’s update

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Dear all, Happy New Year! I hope you have had the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate over the holidays. In 2024, VPSA and VMDAS have exciting work planned, focused on the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, community building, CST, planetary health, Indigenous health, quality improvement, and wellness. There are many opportunities for improvement in our health-care system, and you, our members, are vital to that change. Recently formed in October … Read More