Physician recruitment a hot topic at latest senior leadership teams’ meeting

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VPSA/VMDAS board and staff meet regularly with VCH senior leaders to develop a collaborative relationship between medical staff and the health authority. The October meeting included a presentation on medical staff recruitment as well as an update on the VPSA strategic planning process and an appreciation of recent support around physician healing after loss.

Supporting physician recruitment and retention

Doctors of BC Engagement Partner Russell Stead outlined changes made to the Facility Engagement  Initiative’s funding guidelines. These now include more recruitment and retention activities designed to complement rather than duplicate health authority resources. The goal is to improve recruitment and retention outcomes. Notably, the FEI now supports physicians participating in recruitment events, forums, and conferences. It also supports physician time to mentor new recruits.

Director, Executive & Medical Staff Talent Acquisition, Nicole Jantzi then spoke about her team’s efforts to recruit physicians. The group, which is a partnership with Medical Affairs, was formed in November 2022 with a mandate to expand support for medical staff recruitment. As with health-care organizations around the world, VCH has had challenges filling vacancies. Her team works to attract world-class talent and ensuring a fair, equitable and defensible hiring process. To achieve these goals, the group is using enhanced marketing and reporting. They are supporting the search and selection process and making it easier for hiring leaders. Their goal is to be proactive in identifying future needs.

Those attending the meeting brainstormed possible areas for collaboration and will continue to look for opportunities to explore together.

VPSA strategic planning process

VPSA has partnered with Doctors of BC’s Facility Engagement group to support the development of its next three-year strategic plan. Russell Stead made a presentation on what steps have been taken to date and what will happen next.

Members will be aware of the recent survey gathering input for the plan. (Congratulations to both Drs. Alison MacMillan and Himat Vaghadia, winners of our draws for a pair of AirPods.) This is being followed by interviews with select people including several VCH senior leaders. VPSA’s board members will then focus on the information gathered and bring that to a future meeting of the VPSA and VCH VA/VC leadership teams. The plan is expected to be finalized by February 2024.

VPSA’s goal is for the new plan to prioritize areas where members and VCH can collaborate to achieve shared objectives.

Appreciation of VCH leadership support

Dr. Fahreen Dossa spoke on behalf of VPSA members to thank VCH leaders for their support following the passing of Dr. Tracy Pickett. With their assistance, VMDAS was able to change the focus of its most recent quarterly meeting to address the topic of healing after loss. This would not have been possible without VCH’s support. The session was well received and helpful.

It was also noted that VCH has posted information on its intranet regarding the ongoing situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip and the extreme impacts this is having on the population and health-care providers.

Next meeting

The group next meets on November 9. If you have an item you wish to be brought forward at these meetings, please contact VPSA Operations Director Andrew Pinfold.  

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