Paying tribute to our colleagues in Vancouver Community

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Medical staff from Vancouver Community and Vancouver Acute gathered in the beautiful setting of VanDusen Botanical Garden recently for our second annual VCH Vancouver Community Medical Staff Networking and Appreciation Event. It was a chance to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the many health-care professionals who work in this community of care.

Guests were welcomed by Dr. Junella Lee, a family physician who practices in the VCH youth clinics. Dr. Lee is also a member of the VPSA Community Building and Wellness Task Group that organized the event.

“Tonight is dedicated to fostering connections,” said Dr. Lee. “Nearly a quarter of our members practice in Vancouver Community, which is spread across multiple sites. This limits opportunities for in-person gatherings. The challenges we face in connecting with our colleagues and leaders is why we host this event.”

“I want to express our deep appreciation for the contributions and critical work of the VC-based medical staff,” added VMDAS/VPSA President Dr. Alison Harris. “You are the frontline heroes of our health-care system and currently face immense pressure. We stand firmly behind you and support your efforts.”

Vancouver Community’s Senior Medical Director Dr. Michael Norbury attended the evening and took the opportunity to introduce many of the medical directors who were also at the event.

“We work in diverse settings,” said Dr. Norbury. “From urgent and primary care to services addressing mental health and substance use as well as services for our aging population, we cover the gamut. It’s a huge portfolio and we are grateful for the amazing professionals without whose dedication and commitment we could not provide such important services.”

Vancouver Community Vice President Bob Chapman was also on hand to meet with medical staff. He spoke about the community of care’s major program areas.

“We deliver both episodic and longitudinal community-based services for Vancouver’s 681,000 residents,” he said. “Over 550 medical staff are part of our 5,538 full-time employees. You work with clients with complex needs, and I hope you realize how much we value you. We also know that health human resources continue to be a challenge for us, much as they are for all health-care sites. We expect to see continued growth in Vancouver Community and more resources being brought to bear. Thank you for your continued devotion to providing excellent patient care.”

After the speeches, attendees had the opportunity explore the gardens with their colleagues.

Check out photos from the event here.

The evening was made possible with funding from VPSA, VMDAS, and the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

Feedback from the event

  • 20.5 per cent of the guests attending completed a post-event feedback survey.
  • The event’s net promoter score was 71, which is approximately the same as last year, and puts it in the top third of the over 100 events VPSA has held.
  • 53% of respondents strongly agreed that the event helped build collegiality among the medical staff; a further 41% agreed with that statement.
  • 73 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that the event improved their perception of VA/VC as a place to practice medicine.
  • Respondents also indicated greater knowledge of VPSA programs and activities as well as VC initiatives after the event.

Quotes from the survey

  • Great venue and food.
  • Love the location!
  • Beautiful venue—please do it again next year!
  • Fantastic, enjoyable event—thank you!
  • Please hold at the same venue and room next year!
  • Brilliant venue and weather. The catering was lovely.
  • Amazing is the word.

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