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The nomination process is underway for the new board of the Vancouver Medical Dental and Allied Staff Association (VMDAS) and Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA). If you have ever considered playing a role in fostering meaningful physician and allied staff representation to better serve patients, colleagues, and our health authority, please consider submitting your nomination.

VMDAS/VPSA President Dr. Alison Harris and Vice President Dr. Ka Wai Cheung are entering the second year of their mandate. However, all other board positions are available. The nomination period remains open until October 31, 2022.

“In my role, I am responsible for representing our members at multiple meetings and events including with health authority senior leadership,” said Dr. Harris. “The board meets every two weeks for an hour and there are additional responsibilities depending on the position you are interested in. We are supported by a small group of staff who handle administrative duties and provide guidance and oversight to the many affiliated committees and task groups.”

“The board helps to lead and steward our medical, dental and allied staff association. It is a great opportunity to work with some incredible staff, meet some amazing colleagues all while helping to advance member priorities,” added Dr. Cheung. “My involvement with our MSA has given more meaning to my clinical work. Please consider joining the board!”

The following roles are seeking nominations:

  • Treasurer
    • Oversees the financial processes of the VMDAS and VPSA
    • Works closely with senior staff to maintain financial records
    • Reviews finances regularly to ensure order and accuracy
    • Gives regular reports on the financial status of the VMDAS and VPSA and leads the governance table in understanding the needs of the organizations and decision making regarding finances received and expended
    • Keeps financial reports on file
    • Collects dues and maintains records of funds
  • Secretary
    • Ensures the recording, approval, distribution, and maintenance of meeting minutes, board and/or executive decisions, policies, and membership lists
    • In particular, the secretary is responsible for:
      • Ensuring the issuance of meeting notices
      • Ensuring there are minutes of all meetings
      • Ensuring the custody of all records and documents
      • For the VPSA, ensuring the maintenance of the register of members
    • Three members-at-large
      • Act as representatives for the general membership on both the VMDAS and VPSA boards and may, on an as-needed basis, conduct projects or accept duties that support the board of directors.
      • Two positions with the VPSA Board only are intended to be held by physician members with any level of staff privileges (except honorary staff).
        • One of these members should represent or bring the perspective of Vancouver Community physicians, who usually do not hold active staff privileges at the hospital.

Interested members are encouraged to submit nominations by October 31. Details on election procedures are available here, while this link outlines nomination requirements.

Elections, if required, will open November 7 and run until December 5. The slate of nominated officers will be presented at the December 12 AGM.

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