Members cheer on Family-Friendly Lawn Bowling Event!

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The sun shone and so did the faces of members and their families at our recent lawn bowling event. A big shout out to Dr. Lesley Wood, a member of VPSA’s Community Building & Wellness Task Group, for organizing the occasion.

“The day was a great opportunity for physicians to meet and make connections with other physicians and their families,” said Dr. Wood. “We received great feedback and many requests to do it again next year.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful event,” wrote one participant. “My kids are already asking if they can go to lawn bowling next year.”

Other post-event survey responses included:

“Thank you for organising a brilliant event.”

“We had a great time and met some wonderful people.”

“Really enjoyed the opportunity to meet physicians and family in a non-work environment.”

“Wonderful, informal and socially conducive event—thank you so much—what a precious gift!”

“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful family-friendly event. I particularly enjoyed connecting with other physicians with small children.”

The event earned a 95 per cent net promoter score with 19 out of 20 survey participants saying they were likely to recommend future VMDAS family-friendly events to their colleagues.

Check out photos from the event here (with thanks to all the shutter bugs who jumped in when the official photographer had to cancel at the last minute).

Post-event survey findings

  • 95% of the survey respondents are likely to recommend a future VMDAS family-friendly event to colleagues
  • 90% agreed family-friendly events help to develop connections between physicians
  • 95% agreed these events strengthen connections between physicians without taking time away from their family
  • 95% agreed they developed connections between physicians and the families/friends of other doctors
  • 95% were satisfied with the event venue
  • 65% were satisfied with the food
  • 95% were satisfied with the event time
  • 95% were satisfied with the event date
  • 90% were satisfied with lawn bowling

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