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Every year VPSA hosts a Meet & Greet event to welcome the newest physicians to join Vancouver Acute and Vancouver Community. This year, the virtual meeting was held October 3rd with over 40 people attending. The hour-long occasion is an opportunity for new and seasoned physicians to hear welcoming words from senior leaders and to break the ice in breakout rooms.

“We have close to 2,000 physician members spread out over very different work environments,” said VMDAS/VPSA President Dr. Alison Harris in her opening remarks. “We offer several ways to get together including quarterly meetings that are currently held in person or remotely. The VMDAS Hub for Engagement and Wellness at VGH is a great place to grab a coffee; we also host monthly appreciation lunches there as well as at UBC Hospital.”

Dr. Harris encouraged attendees to learn more about VPSA’s committees and task groups that support our priorities and to consider applying for funding for physician-led projects. She mentioned that VPSA and VMDAS will hold their joint annual general meetings soon and urged physicians to consider joining the board. (Details will be announced in upcoming issues of our weekly MSA/VPSA Checkup.)

Dr. Ladan Sadrehashemi, who, along with Dr. Vinay Dhingra, is a senior medical director at Vancouver Acute made some welcoming remarks, as did her counterpart at Vancouver Community, Dr. Michael Norbury.

VCH Vice President, Vancouver Acute, Michelle de Moor stood in for an under-the-weather Vivian Eliopoulos. She emphasized the importance of the work physicians do with senior leaders and that the organization understands and appreciates the critical role physicians play.

“It’s a big job with significant responsibility,” said de Moor. “We’re grateful for everything you do each day. My advice to new physicians is to take the time to build relationships as you get to know the organization.”

Physicians were broken into different rooms where they tackled our updated trivia challenge. Attendees are now familiar with VCH’s core values, its communities of care, the number of First Nation communities within VCH’s boundaries, the wide variety of services Vancouver Community offers, and other programs offered by VCH as well as VPSA. Members of the winning team have been sent Starbucks gift cards and all new physicians attending will receive a vest.

“The goal of each Meet & Greet is for colleagues to get to know one another as well as learn some interesting things about their new place of work,” said VPSA Community Building & Wellness Task Group representative Dr. Junella Lee. “Thanks to everyone who attended, whether they are brand new to VCH or a seasoned veteran.”

Post-event survey findings

  • 8 of the 38 physicians who attended the event took part in the survey
  • 4 respondents described themselves as seasoned, while 2 were new hires, 1 was a VCH medical or operations leader, with 1 “other”
  • During the event, 21% of respondents were able to connect with a senior physician they already knew
  • 21% also connected with a senior physician they did not already know as well as a new physician they did not already know
  • 21% connected with a VCH VA/VC medical operation leader or staff
  • 86% agreed they left the event with a better understanding of the role and activities of VPSA
  • 80% agreed that events like the Meet & Greet help to welcome new physicians into our Vancouver Community of Care and to strengthen connections between physicians and leadership
  • 100% of respondents agreed that such events provide guidance and support to new colleagues
  • 100% strongly agreed that the Meet & Greet helped make them feel welcomed, connected to their physician community, and supported as a new physician member

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