VPSA’s CST Task Group: Working to support you

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With the implementation of Clinical Systems and Transformation just around the corner, VPSA’s CST Task Group is offering additional supports for physician members. The group, which includes Chair Dr. Raheem Kherani along with Drs. Fahreen Dossa, Geoffrey Law and Darren Lee, meets monthly with Vancouver Acute’s CST Medical Leadership team to discuss ways to assist you as well as to voice your concerns and feedback.

“I am pleased to be collaborating with my colleagues on this interdisciplinary group,” said Dr. Kherani. “CST affects us all and the best way to get on top of it is to learn as much as we can ahead of time. Education is a constant in our careers as physicians. While the thought of CST implementation may be daunting, I am confident we can all rise to the challenges. Colleagues at other sites where CST has already been introduced emphasize that, while the transition may not be seamless, the benefits of the new system are high.”

VPSA is providing coffee, tea, and snacks for the upcoming in-person physician CST training sessions. We also continue to have workstations on wheels at our monthly lunch meetings at VGH for people who would like to try them out.

“We are also moving forward with a site visit program and encourage division and department medical leaders and champions to apply,” added Dr. Kherani. “These visits to Lions Gate and St. Paul’s hospitals are opportunities to interact with physicians now using Cerner and to see the system in action. Thanks to funding from the Facility Engagement Initiative, we are offering sessional payments for those participating in these site visits. If interested, you can apply here.”

VPSA members who have concerns about Cerner and its implementation are welcome to share their comments via our anonymous feedback form and to check out the Q&As on VPSA’s website. We continue to look for other ways to support our members and welcome feedback directly to Dr. Kherani or VPSA Initiative Manager Andrew Pinfold.

2 Comments on “VPSA’s CST Task Group: Working to support you”

  1. Thank you for having this option to share our views. I am one of the neurologists in the epilepsy program and going over some training with a trainer, I and my colleagues noticed that there would be real challenges in working with Cerner in our work. We cannot use FESR to dictate and look at the EEGs for interpretation at the same time, which means we need to have two separate systems to do this daily task. This has created a lot of stress for me and my colleagues to face this hours and hours of work that we are facing juts to do a simple task that we do now. This may also impact patient care at least in the early stages.

    How can you help?

    1. Dear Dr. Javidan,
      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We raised your concerns at our recent meeting with the VCH CST team and I believe they are following up with you directly. While there does not appear to be an easy resolution to this particular situation, please know that the CST team is doing its best to come up with a workable solution.
      Dr. Raheem Kherani
      Chair, CST Task Group

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