Funding now available for physician commensality groups

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Commensality groups have been shown to reduce physician burnout, decrease depression, and improve job satisfaction. Originally studied and deployed at the Mayo Clinic, these groups are small gatherings of physicians who meet monthly for an hour to discuss issues central to the physician experience.

Some departments and divisions at VCH have started their own commensality groups but a lack of funding has held others back. To assist, VPSA is launching a commensality group pilot program. Applications are being accepted until July 25, 2022; please apply here.

“Our intention is that each group will have six to 10 members who will get together biweekly or monthly for six months,” said VPSA President Dr. Alison Harris. “We will provide group leaders with a list of discussion questions before each meeting to guide the conversation. Groups will spend the first 15 minutes of their hour-long meetings discussing the topic. After that, it’s up to each group how they spend the rest of their time together. You might continue that conversation or use it as social time to catch up or connect with one another. Both have great value in addressing professional engagement and job satisfaction.”

VPSA is offering $25 towards the meals for each attending physician and can help with scheduling if this is beyond the scope of the group leader.

6 Comments on “Funding now available for physician commensality groups”

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