Funding now available for physician commensality groups

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Commensality groups have been shown to reduce physician burnout, decrease depression, and improve job satisfaction. Originally studied and deployed at the Mayo Clinic, these groups are small gatherings of physicians who meet monthly for an hour to discuss issues central to the physician experience. Some departments and divisions at VCH have started their own commensality groups but a lack of funding has held others back. To assist, VPSA is launching … Read More

June VPSA meeting with VCH leaders focuses on DEI, CST, and onboarding plans

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VPSA board and staff meet monthly with VCH senior leaders. The focus of the June meeting was our common interests of diversity, equity and inclusion and the implementation of CST, along with a quick update about VCH’s plans to develop a region-wide orientation for new medical staff. DEI update The Self-Identification & Workplace Experience Survey launched recently and will be open until later this month. All staff are encouraged to participate … Read More

Supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ people in clinical spaces

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VCH medical staff had the opportunity to explore the differences between gender, sex and sexuality and their implications for our work in a recent Out Loud and Proud workshop. Anti-Racism Advisor Neila Miled with the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office, and Equity Education Strategist Rachael  E. Sullivan from UBC’s Equity and Inclusion Office facilitated the session that was presented by the VCH Medical Staff … Read More

Tackling inefficiencies to battle burnout

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When it comes to job stress, inefficient processes can be a major source of frustration and, ultimately, burnout. It was the issue that ranked highest in a Radiology Department survey of its members. “After we received the data from the overall physician wellness survey, we formed a department wellness committee and conducted another survey designed specifically to identify our key drivers of burnout,” said Radiology wellness champion Dr. Silvia Chang. … Read More

VPSA-funded project supports physicians in learning about Indigenous cultural safety

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A chance encounter with an Indigenous patient visiting the VGH Emergency Department over 10 years ago set Dr. Kendall Ho on an “epic” journey. “The patient had been in a car accident, and I recommended X-rays for his neck,” recalled Dr. Ho. “He thanked me, but said he preferred traditional healing. It took me aback because I didn’t know what that meant. But it opened the opportunity for me to … Read More