Appreciation event offers opportunity to build community

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Medical staff in Vancouver Community work in many settings and often do not have opportunities to meet each other. On May 19, BC Family Doctor Day, VPSA organized a networking and appreciation event at VanDusen Botanical Garden for Vancouver Community colleagues. There was a great turnout with many expressing the thought that such an event was long overdue and should become a regular occurrence.

Family physician Dr. Fahreen Dossa gave a heartfelt welcome to the medical staff in attendance. She recognized the importance of Vancouver Community to VPSA. Being engaged with VPSA, she mentioned, has been personally fulfilling and has given her opportunities to dedicate time and energy to work that she is passionate about.

Several Vancouver Community senior leaders also attended. Vice President Bob Chapman thanked medical staff for the many ways they have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. Senior Medical Director Dr. Michael Norbury recalled how Vancouver Community rose to many challenges last year including the COVID-19 pandemic, the enduring opioid crisis, and the summer fires that meant many long-term care patients in the Interior had to be temporarily relocated to Vancouver Community.

The evening, which was supported by VMDAS and the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, included two icebreaker games organized by Dr. Junella Lee: VC trivia and networking bingo. The weather gods co-operated; it was one of our few sunny evenings in a month of rain. While the event officially wrapped at 8, people were still lingering and enjoying the camaraderie until almost 9 pm.

Said one attendee, “As medical staff in the community, we don’t see each other often, especially since the pandemic started. It was so nice to reconnect with colleagues and meet some new people. I think it is a great way to contribute to physician wellness by building connection and decreasing the sense of isolation.”

Check out photos from the evening here.

Event Dashboard

  • Attendance: 71 including medical staff from VA and VC, health authority medical and operational leaders, as well as leaders from the VGH & UBCH Foundation
  • People surveyed who connected with a medical staff member they already knew: 96%
  • People surveyed who connected with medical staff they didn’t already know: 92%
  • People surveyed who connected with a VCH leader: 83%
  • People surveyed who agreed the event helped build collegiality among medical staff: 100%
  • People surveyed who agreed the event made them feel more appreciated as a member of the medical staff within VA/VC: 100%
  • People surveyed who agreed these types of events support their well-being: 100%
  • People surveyed who agreed the event improved their perception of VA/VC as a place to practice medicine: 96%

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