A new name for our VGH lounge: VMDAS Hub for Engagement and Wellness

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Since 2019, medical staff at VGH have been able to gather in a space dedicated to their needs. The space’s name has recently been changed from the Physician Hub for Engagement and Wellness to the VMDAS Hub for Engagement and Wellness.

“We made this name change to be inclusive of other members of the medical staff,” said VMDAS and VPSA President Dr. Alison Harris. “We want all our members who work at or visit VGH to feel welcome.”

Members are encouraged to drop by the hub anytime to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and the chance to connect, collaborate and care with their medical staff colleagues.

“Our work is stressful: long hours in emotionally charged situations. Medical staff often feel they have no quiet space where they can restore their energy or interact with colleagues in a supportive environment. The hub is there to help fill that void,” added Dr. Harris.

The VGH VMDAS Hub for Engagement and Wellness is open 24/7 for members. You are encouraged to use the space for informal meetings with other VMDAS members. VPSA hosts events in the space including its monthly Physician Appreciation Lunch. Members are encouraged to contact VPSA with ideas for additional events and workshops that could be hosted in the hub.

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