VPSA Leaders Forum increases collaboration

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The Vancouver Physician Staff Association has created a Leaders Forum to enhance the work of its task groups and committees. The forum, which meets quarterly, includes representatives from each of the association’s groups.

“The Leaders Forum is a place for information sharing and discussions that can generate ideas,” said VPSA President Elect Dr. Alison Harris, who chaired the first meeting of the group in late October. “We want to enhance the work of all our groups through collaboration as well as by finding synergies and efficiencies.”

Representatives from VPSA’s Community Building and Wellness, Finance, Projects, Communications, and CST groups took part in the inaugural meeting along with VPSA physician members representing the VCH Physician DEI Steering Committee and the VA/VC Physician Wellness Steering committee. Each gave an overview of their group’s work, updated forum members on their plans, and suggested areas where more engagement and collaboration may be possible.

“There is already overlap between some of the groups, but I think everyone appreciated getting a sense of the breadth and depth of the work VPSA members are involved in,” added Dr. Harris. “It was also interesting to hear how various groups are now collaborating with other MSAs and physician groups. This is a profound change for medical staff from several years ago when we truly were much more isolated and working in silos. I have confidence that our Leaders Forum will generate even more opportunities for physician engagement.”

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