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The Vancouver Physician Staff Association works to strengthen relationships between VCH and physicians who work at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong, and Vancouver Community. Our goals are lofty: we aim to improve the physician work environment, the delivery of patient care, and the cost effectiveness of the health care system.

To achieve our objectives, the Board meets regularly with our health authority’s senior leadership team and oversees the work of several committees and task groups. Our members also participate in committees created and run by VCH to further physician engagement and wellness.

We recently added two new committees: the VPSA Leaders Forum and the VPSA Selection Committee. The former was created to enhance the work of our groups and includes physician representatives from each of these. The Leaders Forum provides an opportunity for the task groups and committees to share updates on their activities and find synergies and efficiencies through increased collaboration.

We established the Selection Committee to review expressions of interest, conduct selection processes, and recommend candidates for other committees, task, and working groups. This committee will play a critical role by ensuring a fair and transparent selection process, which is informed by the best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion, takes place to fill our vacancies. We are currently recruiting members for this committee and I encourage you to read more about the work involved by reviewing the committee’s terms of reference. Sessional funding is provided for the committee’s meetings. If you think you would be a good fit, please submit an application.

In the coming weeks, we anticipate there will be openings on other committees. Sessional funding is also provided for these meetings and they are usually held via Zoom and at times that accommodate physician clinical schedules. We’ll include recruitment notices in our weekly MSA/VPSA Checkup and at our events and I would welcome any questions you might have about the benefits of participating. We want to make our organization as robust as possible with representation from a wide range of departments and divisions.

We count on you—our members—to guide the programs we deliver. Your contributions on our committees and task groups are invaluable. Thank you!
Join us and build your network while collaborating with physicians throughout the Vancouver Community of Care.


Dr. Eric Yoshida, President
September 2021

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