VGH hub will allow for “better patient care and physician satisfaction”

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The Physician Hub for Engagement and Wellness (PHEW) at VGH holds the promise of better health care. That sentiment was echoed by all the speakers at the PHEW’s official opening recently. VPSA members gathered in the hub for this special occasion, which celebrated the culmination of several years’ work.

The PHEW had been identified as a priority for VPSA members who work at VGH. Health care organizations have also come to recognize that a place for physicians to gather provides for collegiality as well as opportunities to re-energize—both of which have been shown to buffer against burnout and enhance engagement.

“Being in this space has made me reflect on building relationships and how there’s no substitute for those,” commented VCH President and CEO Mary Ackenhusen. “The networks physicians create here will make fantastic things happen for the quality of the care we give our patients. It’s important to put our own health first and foremost… if we’re not healthy and enthused, we can’t care for our patients.”

“Having off-the-cuff discussions is a clinical necessity,” remarked Doctors of BC President Dr. Kathleen Ross. “Physician lounges used to be a mainstay in Canadian hospitals… they allow for conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Having this dedicated space will contribute to the quality of clinical care both directly and indirectly.”

The PHEW is already gaining popularity among physicians for its coffee machine; the space is also a great place to enjoy lunch, connect with colleagues, or take a moment to relax. A privacy booth allows you to make and take calls in private and soon there will be a television so you can join colleagues in marking special events.

In the words of one of the physicians attending the opening, “It will be a nice place to come to relax as well as communicate with colleagues.”

The VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation donated artwork for the PHEW. Two of the paintings are by retired VGH physician Dr. Ian Penn.

“When I was in Australia, I met with colleagues in a lounge where we drank tea and ate our meals, and that allowed us to consult on patient care,” he recalled. “I liked that personal touch rather than being an anonymous person on the other end of the phone. I see the PHEW as a great opportunity to foster communication.”

VPSA will be hosting many of its event in the PHEW, including its popular Breakfast with Leaders and Unique Lives in Medicine series. Physicians are encouraged to use the space for informal meetings with other VPSA members. VPSA will be soliciting feedback from the medical staff regarding guidelines for using the space. If you have ideas, please contact us.

Click here to see photos from the PHEW official opening event.

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