Why building your resilience will make you a better physician

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Physicians’ jobs are stressful. As the recent CMA National Physician Health Survey reported, it’s not unusual for doctors to feel burned out and depressed. But building and protecting your resilience—how you react to tough situations—can make an important difference to your ability to bounce back and to care for yourself and others. You need to imagine resilience as your “energy” bank: if you make too many demands on it, you … Read More

What it takes: preparation; stamina; appreciation

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A physician’s workload can be overwhelming and stressful. But we’re more than doctors. We have families and we have passions outside of work. How do we balance the demands of one without sacrificing the others? According to Dr. Esta Bovill, it takes preparation, stamina and appreciation. These were three of the four things she learned by competing in the grueling Marathon des Sables in 2013. (The fourth was that she … Read More

Excellent results coming in for project funded jointly by VPSA Facility Engagement and Physician Led Quality Improvement Initiatives

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The hard work is paying off for Dr. Kelly Mayson and her multi-disciplinary team. Their project, Pre-operative optimization prior to major oncology surgery as a component of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, is seeing some great preliminary results. “Over the past year we have seen a reduction in the incidence of anemia in gynaecology oncology and radical cystectomy patients presenting for major abdominal surgery based on our work,” said Dr. Mayson. … Read More

VPSA-funded project aims to improve perioperative cardiac risk evaluation and management for noncardiac surgery

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Over 200 million adults undergo noncardiac surgical procedures worldwide every year. Of these, more than 8 million people will suffer a major cardiac complication. In 2016, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society introduced new guidelines on perioperative cardiac risk assessment and management for patients who undergo inpatient noncardiac surgery. With funding from VPSA, a multidisciplinary team of VCH physicians has developed standardized order sets and protocols and to educate surgical staff on … Read More

Effective communication: It really is a two-way street

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When an inter-departmental survey indicated VGH’s Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine consultant interactions and communication could be improved to optimize patient care, a group of physicians decided to do something about it. Drs. Kaitlin Lee, Joseph Bednarczyk, and Iain McCormick applied for VPSA funding for their project entitled Emergency and Internal Medicine Consultant Relations. The result was a half-day workshop on Optimizing Communication for Excellence. Twenty physicians attended the October … Read More