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The Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA) Facility Engagement Initiative was established in August 2016 to bring together a diversified group of physicians from VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, and our Vancouver Community to focus on strategies for improving experiences in the workplace as well as for cultivating relationships and communication between physicians and Vancouver Coastal Health. A governance structure that reflects priorities identified by physicians has been developed.

At the centre of this structure is the Vancouver Community of Care Medical, Dental & Allied Staff executive whose members also constitute the board of the VPSA, an incorporated non-profit society. The VPSA Engagement Working Group, with diversified physician members across specialties from our three facilities and Vancouver Community, acts as our steering committee. The governance model’s six streams (Collaboration & Advocacy; Community Building & Wellness; Finance & Reporting; Leadership & Talent Development; Engagement Projects; and Communications) reflect the VPSA’s Connect, Collaborate and Care approach. VPSA’s goal is to create engagement amongst physicians by building bridges across specialties, our three sites, as well as between acute care and the community, and ultimately between our physician association and VCH leadership.

VPSA Committees

Looking to get involved? Physicians are encouraged to attend VPSA events and join a committee(s). Read below for information on each of the committees. For more information, contact the VPSA at

Collaboration & Advocacy Committee

This committee, which includes the Vancouver MSA president, represents medical staff priorities and ultimately seeks to provide early input on VCH-wide policies and initiatives. By engaging, communicating and interacting with medical staff across all sites and community, the team acts as an advocate for the medical staff.

Community Building & Wellness Committee

This committee focuses on building our VPSA physician community both via networking events and through a focus on wellness, fitness and physician resiliency-building activities that are of interest to members. This includes a series of luncheon events focused on wellness and on members’unique lives and interests outside of work. The team is also responsible for planning, coordinating and helping to execute our biannual all-member engagement events.

Finance & Reporting Committee

This committee works with the VPSA chair to provide leadership and oversight to VPSA support staff with respect to the financial tracking and reporting of the Facility Engagement Initiative to the Specialist Services Committee and the VPSA Board.

Leadership & Talent Development Committee

This committee has yet to be formed. Its role will be to identify future physician leaders and support them to access leadership skills and development opportunities. Collaboration with VCH will be explored to bring back in-house training courses that best address the unique needs of MSA members.

Engagement Projects Committee

This committee develops the process and criteria for annual project selection and provides ongoing leadership and support to project leads. The committee is also responsible for tracking the progress of funded projects and showcasing their success. Every three months, a Site Engagement Activity Tracker (SEAT) is submitted for sharing with other Facility Engagement sites along with the Ministry of Health and the Specialist Services Committee.

Communications Committee

This committee ensures appropriate and timely communications with medical staff about events, project submissions and other Facility Engagement Initiative milestones and activities. This includes disseminating information about community building wellness activities and leadership training, adapting strategies and materials to support engagement with a broad range of audiences, developing a new website, and reviewing social media and/or emerging communication opportunities.
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