eFIT Technology Engagement Forum

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Data that once required a mainframe computer and a team of techs to support it is now contained in the palm of our hands. This rapid evolution of technology, and the accompanying challenges and opportunities, was the topic of the Technology Innovation Engagement Forum held earlier this month at VGH. Organized by the engagement For Innovative Technologies (eFIT) Interest Group, the forum had three primary objectives:

  • Leverage technology for innovation in practice.
  • Share experiences to translate ideas into clinical care, system innovation and commercialization.
  • Bring together peers, experts and mentors to build a thriving community of interest.

More than 100 physicians, health care leaders and industry partners gathered to hear brief presentations from physician innovators who shared their insight and experience. Presentations were followed by a panel discussion, dinner and an opportunity to network and learn more from poster displays.

“This event is about bringing people together to make connections and start the conversation about technology in health care,” said Dr. Kendall Ho, eFIT co-chair. “This is just the beginning.”

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